Economic Dashboard
Welcome to the Alberta Economic Dashboard. The dashboard compiles the Alberta economy's most important indicators for businesses in one place. Get a quick snapshot of our current economic state or explore each indicator in more detail.

Growth Ranking

Compares an indicator's current growth performance to the past 10 years of growth, and to other provinces. It signals whether the economy is in a strong or moderate growth phase.

Show Methodology

To create the % score, the last 10 years of data were compiled for each metric, with year-over-year growth rates calculated for each period. The % score displays how this period’s growth rate compares to the growth rates of the last 10 years. Example: -90% means that growth rates are in the -90th percentile compared to rates for the last 10 years.

Interprovincial rank measures how the current growth rate scores against the rates observed in other provinces. Example: If Alberta’s current growth rate is the highest in the country, it will be shown as "1st".